14th National and 1st International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences 2021
NIC-HUSO 2021)

“Challenges of Humanities and Social Sciences in Digitalization: Flourish or Perish?

June 17 18, 2021


Amidst the dramatic disruptions of technological advancements, a feeling of insecurity inevitably pervades our present society. To thrive in this disruptive world, we need to be not only technologically literate, but also able to tackle the complexities of our digital transformation. In this landscape, the relevance of the study of humanities and social sciences has been challenged despite its potential to provide solutions to many multi-faceted issues. It is, therefore, imperative for humanities and social sciences scholars to demonstrate their value in creating and maintaining an advanced society.

Institutions of higher education in the age of disruption need to reflect on their place in society. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Burapha University (HU-SO BUU) has been a long-standing academic force for almost seven decades. Since its inception, HU-SO BUU has contributed to the body of knowledge of many varied fields of study, as well as educating and producing outstanding graduates who go on to serve the Eastern region and Thailand.

In addition to being aware of the challenges brought by societal changes, HU-SO BUU envisions opportunities for the humanities and social sciences in a dynamic world. For the past 14 years, HU-SO BUU has hosted national conferences. In 2021, we are expanding our horizon by inviting international researchers, scholars and graduate students to our national and international conference entitled: Challenges of Humanities and Social Sciences in Digitalization: Flourish or Perish?

The expected outcomes of the conference are threefold:

  • To provide a platform for researchers, scholars, and graduate students to exchange their knowledge and expertise in the areas of humanities and social sciences;
  • To provide an internationally recognized platform for disseminating research;
  • To establish a national and international network in the areas of humanities and social sciences.

This 2-day national and international conference on “Challenges of Humanities and Social Sciences in Digitalization: Flourish or Perish?comprises three main activities:

1. Special lectures by invited keynote speakers; 

  • Patpong Sangthum, Lecturer/Journalist
  • David Norcross, Founder & CEO of Lexicon Business Communication 
  • Dr.Brooke Hessler, California College of the Arts/Fulbright Specialist

2. Paper presentations by Thai and international researchers, scholars and graduate students.


The papers accepted to present are in the fields of humanities, social sciences, and applied sciences as below:

  • Humanities: languages, linguistics, literature, folkloristics, psychology, philosophy, religion studies and arts;
  • Social sciences: sociology, anthropology, history, and economics;
  • Applied sciences: communication arts, information science and library science, education, and cultural studies

Important Dates:

Registration: Now-June 15, 2021
Deadline for abstract submission: May 25, 2021
Deadline for full paper submission: June 05, 2021
Conference dates: June 17-18, 2021


Best selected papers will be published in Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Burapha University.

For more detailed information, please contact:
Telephone: 0-3810-2337
Website: www.huso.buu.ac.th
E-mail: nichuso2021@gmail.com